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Superior quality, timely delivery and environmental compliance.  We have the distinction of being awarded the San Marcos Chamber of Commerce Award for 100% Environmental PreTreatment Program Compliance for 3 years in a row.  This recognition is only awarded to 10 companies in San Diego County who meet the County’s requirements.  We are proud to be an environmentally aware company that saves tomorrow by thinking today.

Black Oxide is a uniform black coating for ferrous metals, such as steel, tool steel, nuts, bolts, rivets, nails, machined parts, brass etc.

Used mostly for moving parts that cannot tolerate a dimensional change and to decrease light reflection.  On Stainless Steel, our black oxide coatings successfully withstand 260 hours of salt spray exposure in accordance with specification ASTM B117-90.  Other applications not listed are also available.  

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In order for BOS to provide you with an accurate quote, you are Required 
to fill  out our RFQ Questionnaire. You may request the questionnaire from our office or download it below.  
Once you have completed the form Fax or email it to us.  
Our Estimating Dept will email you a valid estimate which you should reference
 on your purchase order.
Please note any pricing information obtained via telephone or in person without 
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The information obtained on the questionnaire dictates the procedure(s) and cost. 
 If you are unwilling to submit the questionnaire then you can obtain minimum charge pricing from our price list located on the "forms page". The information obtained will NOT be considered a Valid Quote.  Our staff will only generate an estimate if a questionnaire is submitted! Our estimates have estimate numbers which are documented and valid for the time frame specified on the written estimate.  
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